Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Loving Lately |

Things i have been loving lately:

 1. These cute moomin pjs have taken me back to when i was little. I used to LOVE this programme alot. Primark you have done well!! :) £7 for the set.
                                                                       2. Anything pug related and i want it. This picture just makes me laugh everytime i look at it. Dont judge im easily pleased ....
 3. The leopard print shorts from topshop have been my little sale find for a bargain of £5. They are so comfy and can be styled for day or night easily. You know me i love anything leopard print ;)
 4. With the lovely hot weather in the garden i have been picking at the strawberries growing in our garden like crazy. Love strawberries they are one of my favourite fruits.
 5. This cat ring i saw on ebay and i thought it wa so unique and different. Im a huge cat lover and this ring is just perfect. I only like silver jewellery as i dont think gold suits me.
 6. I have been trying out this mini sample of the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask and i absolutely love the results. Its unlike other clay masks that ive tried as its not drying on the skin whatsoever. It feels very luxurious and the benefits of my skin lasted a good few days after. Yay for good skin days.
 7. These brown aldo shoes are perfect. Im waiting untill my birthday to wear them. Cant wait :)
 8. My cat is so cute and its been lovely having garden days and him rolling around on the grass. Hes a timid little guy. This is his grumpy i dont want a photo taken kind of face >>>

What things have you been loving lately? :)


  1. Loved reading this post! :)

    Those mooning pj's are incredible!

    And don't worry the pug pic just had me in stitches too!


    1. Awww thank you beaut glad your enjoyed :) i might do it more frequently!! I love my moomin pjs so comfy too :P haha glad you had a giggle at the pug pic it still makes me laugh! xx

  2. I love the Moomin pants! Nearly bought these today :)

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

    1. They are so cute and comfy too :) xx

  3. That cat ring is super cute!!


    1. Aww thanks i love it so different :) xx

  4. Ahh our cat ring is so cool!ive never seen anything like that before!good ol eBay!:)

  5. Okay I'm about to be a crazy cat lady. Your cat looks just like mine! The little half-stache. Definitely studs.

    Little Red Umbrellas

    1. Deffo :P i love cats so much and hes so cute :) xx

  6. Haha pugs are hilarious.
    Love the little cat ring too, so cute!

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com

  7. Your pjs are adorable! And the cat ring is so pretty! I pretty much liked everything you've been loving!

    Christina xx


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