Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Budget Buy: Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner |

Its not very often that i rave about haircare on my blog but when i find i product that has amazed me so much its worth a post of its own right? Since buying the Dove Leave In Conditioner Spray and also the shampoo i thought that i would try one of the conditioners that they have. I notice the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner in Boots for £3.99 and thought it was worth a whirl.

The conditioner is aimed to give a deep nourishment to the hair and help to repair split ends and breakages. It has a micro moisture serum which intensely nourishes and seals lifted cuticles against future damage and is packed with all the benefits of a treatment at the quick speed of a conditioner.

First of all i love the smell of the dove products i cant quite but my finger on it but its sort of fruity i guess. I use the conditioner through the mid lengths to the ends and leave it on for a minute. Once washed out my hair feels so soft and silky and generally more hydrated in the ends. I have been using this for a couple of weeks and have really seen a lovely difference in the way my hair looks and feels at the ends. Its so affordable and im only a quarter of the way into the tube so its great value for money. I am so impressed with the dove range and i really want to try out many more of the products. But this conditioner is so quick and simple to use with fab results. Would really recommend if your hair is in need of a boost.

Have you tried Dove conditioners?

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  1. I think this sounds like a great everyday product for my well in need hair!
    Ps I love the smell of Dove too xx


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