Friday, 8 November 2013

Review: Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash |

Having blemished prone skin is half the daily battle of my skin its also the scaring that is left behind. It used to really affect my confidence and caking myself in makeup just to hide them which looking back they werent overly bad but i just remember wanting to always hide my skin. This past year i have discovered so many new skincare products that have dramatically changed my skin and keeping it under control which is why now im able to use less foundation/concealer and be able to show my natural skin more which im so happy in doing. A product that has really helped my skin the past month is the Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash

The Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash is a product that helps to smooth and renew your skin by removing dead skin cells which will improve your overall complexion. It has a non abrassive exfoliation ingredients which will help replenish moisture levels. I decided to buy the smaller size to try out and to see how well it got on with my skin and im very very impressed. 

I use this twice a week on a night because if you do use it in the morning you will need to follow up with an spf with it containing renewing properties and being in the daylight. I splash my face with some tepid water and use a 10p piece and then massage. I love how soft it makes my skin feel with the exfoliation and its so gentle aswell. It doesnt dry out my skin or irritate it in any way. Its helped with clearing blemishes and the texture in my skin is much more even. I think after continued use i will see more of a difference and will buy the full version. 

My scarring from blemishes have faded over a week and it makes me feel confident that i get things under control when the whole blemish/.scaring cycle starts again. This is suitable for all skin types so i would highly recommend to give this a go.

Have you tried this product before?

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