Monday, 4 November 2013

Review: Klorane Peony Shampoo For Irritated Scalps |

The last few months my hair has been having abit of a weird phase where sometimes it can get dry and feels really sore. Ive stopped using heat styling tools for awhile too as it was just making it feel worse. To add to this now and again i appear to have dry patches too. After using the Oilatum Shampoo which i still use i found that i could only use it once/twice a week as a thorough treatment as directed so i needed something else for the other days to clean my hair whilst still being gentle. 

I was reading through Nouvelle Daily which i love reading and saw one of the posts for scalp sos. I decided to order the shampoo and give it a try. 

The Klorane Shampoo works to gently cleanse the hair with extracts of peony which is naturally soothing for the scalp and provides much needed relief from itching/burning too. Its adapted to suit the most sensitive scalps which helps to balance and regulate. From first use and continued use my scalp is less itchy and sore which has eased dramatically which is a better result then other shampoos i have used which felt like they left a residue which this one doesnt. It leaves my hair manageable, shiny and soft too.

I really like how gentle and silky like it feels in my hair afterwards and im so happy that i have found something that soothes my scalp. So happy with the results and recommend this to anyone who has sensitive/itchiness or dryness. Its not very often that i rave about shampoo but something like this that has helped solve my scalp issues is worth it!!

Have you tried klorane shampoos before?


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